In December 1961, Danish astronomer Alfred Wolffssen reported seeing a living dog flying in orbit around the Earth. Within the following year, there were hundreds more sightings of this “Astromutt” — as the pressed had dubbed the beast. In 1963, Astromuttmania swept the world. Astromutt toys, posters, and comics filled the shops and the rooms of young, avid fans. Magazines and TV shows interviewed astronomers and cryptozoologists. Was Astromutt real? Few doubted it. There was even talk of an Astromutt animated TV show. But suddenly interest died off altogether. By 1965, Astromutt was largely forgotten, and most of the memorabilia ended up in landfills and garbage dumps. From the Lost Myths archives, here’s a rare copy of the “Astromutt Theme” — a 1964 single by the Astro-Nutts. (The B-side — a failed attempt at communicating with Astromutt — was recorded at a pitch audible to dogs only.)

listen to the ASTROMUTT THEME single

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text by Claude Lalumière
illustration, character design, and sleeve copy by Rupert Bottenberg
music by The Astro-Nutts

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