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Lost Myths @ Ad Astra

8 April 2010

We’ll be doing a Lost Myths presentation in Toronto on Saturday, 10 April, at noon, at Ad Astra, Antons room.

Several people took snapshots last night at O PATRO VYS. If you’d like us to show off your photos here on the Lost Myths blog, contact us, and we’ll put them up!

Come celebrate the debut of Lost Myths , by Claude Lalumière & Rupert Bottenberg, on 7 April @ 20:00, with a Lost Myths performance starting at 9pm — storytelling, slideshow, musical collaborations, and cryptomythological sound effects.

A gallery of Lost Myths tapestries will be on display, and for sale.

Party music provided by DJ Andy Williams.

Where: O PATRO VYS, 356 Mont-Royal East

When: Wednesday, 7 April, 20:00-midnight


Facebook event page.

Matthew Jacob Lederman

4 April 2010

Matt, who produced the recording of “That Long-Foretold Second Coming,” is a longstanding and important fixture on the Montreal music scene. He first made a name for himself with the savvy funk of Parkside Jones in the ’90s, but since then has thrown himself into the creatively ambitious and genre-shattering Moondata/LABprojects endeavour, which has led to countless nights of amazing improv music c/o many of Montreal’s finest players in avant-rock, chamber pop, neo-folk, funk and jazz (hosted by O Patro Vys, the site of the Lost Myths launch party in Montreal).

Most recently, Matt and many of his LABprojects cronies released the excellent Sevens Project album, which, if you’re a fan of wonderfully exploratory yet solidly skilled musicianship, you really ought to own. Matt can also be counted on for great recording and production services, so if you’re in Montreal or hereabouts and need someone who’s talented, dedicated and knowledgeable, get in touch with him here.

Wolfgang Bottenberg

4 April 2010

As you may well have guessed, Wolfgang Bottenberg, the composer of the music, played by cellist Saskia Latendresse, that accompanies Claude’s reading of “That Long-Foretold Second Coming,” is indeed my dad and my dad in deed. Now retired as a professor emeritus, dad (seen here in 1976) spent many years as a professor of classical composition at Montreal’s Concordia University, and continues to compose to this day. You can find out more about his career here, and a selection of CDs to buy, including a couple of entirely his own music (The Chamber Music for Strings & Piano disc features jacket artwork by my brother, Philip) here. My father’s arrangements and productions of Friedrich Nietzsche’s music can also be found for sale here.

I very much wanted to have him contribute to the musical component of Lost Myths, and asked him to work with this particular story for very specific reasons—his deep love of animals and the natural world, and his intense concern about our species’ destructiveness towards them, as well as his deep and very fraught relationship with theism. I can attribute my fondness for non-human animals to both my parents, but my atheism, though a conclusion of my own, was and remains cemented by my father’s insights into such matters.

Saskia Latendresse

4 April 2010

I’ve known Saskia Latendresse for roughly twenty years now. First, as a customer at my first bookshop, Nebula, and not too long after that as a trusted, valuable, and resourceful employee, including being the de facto assistant manager at my second bookshop, danger!. Always intelligent, unwaveringly curious about the world, and constantly honing new skills, Saskia never fails to amaze. Indeed, her post-Nebula accomplishments are manifold: an MA thesis on Yeats; translation; calligraphy; fiction & poetry; essays on both calligraphy and music; zine-making; web administration; film rights management for the NFB; and, as testified by her contribution to Lost Myths, playing the cello.

That Long-Foretold Second Coming” — the Lost Myth for 4 April 2010 — is Saskia’s first recording. For me, it was both a pleasure and a learning experience to rehearse with Saskia and work out the details of our interaction for the eventual recording of the performance. Saskia was generous with her time, talent, and knowledge, helping me understand and learn how to collaborate with a musical performer — which was a new experience for me.

I feel really fortunate to have had a chance to collaborate with my old friend. She helped me gain new skills and expand what I can accomplish. And Lost Myths is enriched by her participation.

Lost Myths is a collaborative project by Claude Lalumière and Rupert Bottenberg, a playful medley of cryptomythological fiction, pantheons, bestiaries, comics, art, games, readings, performances, and more.

Lost Myths launches on 1 April 2010 @ lostmyths.net, where we’ll be posting the Lost Myths themselves; while here at lostmyths.net/blog we’ll be more informal, chatting about our guest collaborators, pointing to things of interest elsewhere on the web, shouting out to artists we admire who share similar or exhibit complementary sensibilities to what we’re doing with Lost Myths, or keeping you up to date on Lost Myths performances, readings, releases, and parties.

It’s all starting soon. We’re having fun creating Lost Myths. We hope you’ll have fun along with us.

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